Pichia Pastoris Protein Express : 3PE

We can perform different scale-up of cultures (shown below) to obtain the amount of proteins that you want.


Scale production :

DW 24-well / Flasks

Photo DW24_Erlens

With our expertise, we perform productions in 24 deepwell (from 1 to 5 ml / well) and the expressed proteins can be visualized by capillary electrophoresis.
We also offer, experimental trials for the targets that are weakly expressed, to determine the best conditions of expression.

More conventionally, we also realize productions in Flasks (from 10 mL to 1 L / Flask).


Photo Bioreactor

We have a Biotechnology Hall in which we conduct production in bioreactors from 1L to 7L, allowing us to perform cultures at high cell density (above the typical profile of a batch bioreactor production).