Pichia Pastoris Protein Express : 3PE

Hello and welcome to our platform of medium-throughput expression of recombinant protein.

This platform is a technical platform of the Unit BBF (Biodiversity and Biotechnology of Fungi) UMR1163-INRAE-AMU.

Our platform used as the expression host the Pichia pastoris yeast that has several advantages, including the high level secretion of heterologous proteins and low secretion of endogenous proteins.

The platform 3 PE, based on several years of knowledge and expertise uses medium-throughput methodologies for the production of recombinant proteins.
In this context, our platform offers several facilities:

  • Gene cloning.
  • Transformation in Pichia pastoris.
  • Production of recombinant proteins at different scales.
  • Automated protein purification (screening and/or production).
  • Activity Tests :
    • Enzymatic activity assays on specific substrate (screening).
    • Analysis by ionic chromatography HPAEC (specific screen).

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  • Photo Mireille Haon Mireille Haon (Manager)
  • Photo Sacha Grisel Sacha Grisel (Deputy Manager)
  • Photo Jean-Guy Berrin Jean-Guy Berrin (Scientific Advisor)